Here at Gabba Screen Printing Supplies we offer a range of in house services.


Custom Made Aluminium Frames

(Maximum size: 5000 x 2000mm O/D)

Remeshing your existing frames

Film positives created from your artwork

(maximum image size 600mm wide x any size length)

Coating screens and/or exposing your film positive to screen


Email: for an obligation free quote on New Frames, Remeshing Frames, Screen Exposures or Machinery.

Email: for a quote on artwork costs or to discuss artwork criteria checklist.



* Format: (Corel Draw CDR file Version 16 or lower)

                (PDF - Black & White) 

* All other formats supplied will be subject to further charges

* Artwork Size: Please ensure all artwork is to scale, any resizing or image editing will be subject to further charges.

* Artwork Colour: All artwork needs to be submitted as black and white artwork. (Black image, white background)