Opaque Pens

- Used for touching up film positives, can also be used for creating hand

  drawn artwork on Ink Jet Film/Laser Film

Screen Blockouts

- Water Based Blockout for Solvent Based Inks

- Solvent Based Blockout for Water Based Inks


- Photopolymer and Diazo Based Emulsions

- Solvent Based Emulsion for Solvent Inks

- Water Based Emulsion for Water Based and Plastisol Inks

- Dual Cure emulsion for Solvent, Water Based and Plastisol Inks


Screen Chemicals

- Degreasers for preparing new/used mesh before emulsion or film application                         

- Stencil Removers to remove exposed emulsion or films

- Haze Removers to remove any unwanted stains in the mesh after stencil Removal

- Screenwash to clean excess ink out of the screen

Aerosol Cans

- Spray Adhesive for keeping textiles affixed to carousel platens

- Super Flash adhesive for use with flash cure units

- Matt Spray for darkening laser printed film positives

Ink Jet & Laser Film

- Ink Jet Film is used only in Ink Jet Printers to create film positives

- Ink Jet Film is sold by the sheet, the box or by the roll

- Laser Film is used only in Laser Printers/Photocopiers to create film positives

- Laser Film is sold by the sheet or by the box


- We stock Swiss made, 100% Polyester mesh in two roll widths,

   both are available either, meshed on your frame or sold by the metre 

   (Minimum quantity is 1metre x roll width)

 - Roll widths available are 158cm and 212cm

New Aluminium Frames

- We Stock a number of stock size frames for printers in a variety of mesh grades

- No1 Frames (suited for A4 prints or smaller) suggested max image size 330 x 230mm

- No2 Frames (suited for A3 prints) suggested max image size 450 x 310mm

- No3 Frames suggested max image size 570 x 370mm

- No4 Frames (suited for A2 prints) suggested max image size 670 x 470mm 

- No5 Frames (suited for A1 prints) suggested max image size 1000 x 620mm

- We also manufacture custom size frames to suit your needs, sizes range from 150 x 150mm 

  Up to 5000 x 2000mm and any size in between.

- We also have a variety of aluminium profiles depending on your needs.

Please email scottj@gabbasps.com.au for a quote on your new frames.


- Top quality polyurethane squeegee blade imported from overseas.

- Textile, Solvent and UV resistant rubbers available

- Available in a range of sizes and rubber hardness’s

- Squeegee rubber is available in any length between 50mm to 3660mm